Avgolemono Meatball

Winter & Holiday Greek Food Favorites

Those from Greece love getting together to celebrate the holidays with classic Greek dishes traditionally served during this time of year. At Yolenis, we wanted to write a blog about some of the traditional holiday meals we will be eating at our home and serving as specials during the winter months.




Fasolada is a traditional soup that is comprised of beans and an assortment of veggies. This is a winter staple in Greece due to how beans are relatively non-perishable meaning they can survive until the winter months. White beans, carrots, onion, and celery create this hearty, veggie-based soup and, due to its simplicity, are enjoyed by people of all ages.




With Cabbage being good during the later harvest, stuffing cabbage leaves with minced meat and rice is a traditional Greek dish that is universally loved. Think of this creation as a winter version of stuffed grape leaves of dolmade’s.




This is traditional soup’s main focus is the meatballs, which are made with beef and rice. The broth is finished off with another traditional Greek dish, avgolemono. If you are unfamiliar, avgolemono is an egg-based lemon sauce/ soup that provides some great citrus & acidity to the dish.


Yolenis at Providence: Serving up Traditional Greek Flavors

Like many cultures worldwide, as the seasons change and different vegetables, fruits, and meat are in season, the dishes we eat and serve at Yolenis change. This ensures our menu stays fresh and we are able to provide our customers with the most authentic Greek eating experience you can get on the United States east coast.

While these items listed in this blog are not currently listed on our menu, be sure to follow Yoleni’s Providence on Facebook & Instagram to get up to date menu changes! As we head closer to the holidays and continue pushing through the winter months, Yoleni’s will be offering winter specials you can look forward to.

Yolenis Marketplace in Providence, RI: Your One-Stop Shop for Exceptional Greek Food Products

Can’t wait to have Yoleni’s create the Greek winter dishes you are craving? Be sure to visit our marketplace located next to our restaurant space. Our team of Greek food specialists will be able to guide you through any recipe you are trying to follow while offering some Greek food insights. Stop by to check out what we have in stock or review our inventory online here


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