The Best Greek Takeout Options

Yoleni’s is located in downtown Providence and offers delivery services to nearby communities. Didn’t get a chance to pack lunch for work today? Don’t let yourself go hungry. Skipping lunch negatively impacts your health as well as your productivity at work. Take this opportunity to order some authentic Greek takeout food instead! You’ll be surprised how many options we have, we can assure you that there is something for everyone. Who knows after ordering you might just start to “forget” your lunch more often. 

Hand Crafted Gyros 

You just can’t go wrong with ordering a gyro! A fresh-made pita bread topped with your choice of meat or veggies. A Greek staple, this dish is the perfect dish to order on a lunch break. We offer a variety of flavor profiles from herb lemon shaved chicken, lamb feta, grilled veggies, and more. Every gyro is served with your choice of chips to add an extra crunch to your meal. 

Mediterranean Flatbread 

In the mood for something a little lighter than a gyro? We suggest ordering our Mediterranean flatbread. Freshly made pizza dough topped with tomato, feta, olives, green onions, peppers, and oregano. This colorful blend of flavors will be sure to be a party in your mouth! Classic greek ingredients come together to give you a tasty lunch bite that will have you coming back for more. Everyone in your office will definitely be jealous when they see you indulging in this in the break room. 

Spinach Pie 

Ordering a spinach pie is like ordering a slice of Greece! This is one of the most iconic break dishes that you will ever bite into. This savory dish is made up of the flaky buttery crust and filled with spinach and feta cheese. A salty creamy bite that will be sure to satisfy you on your lunch break and calm down your mid-day hunger. We especially suggest this dish on days where you need a little extra comfort to get you through the day. 

Order Take Out From Yoleni’s 

These are just a few of the takeout options we offer to the nearby Providence communities. Explore our menu to see what other dishes we have available. Don’t be afraid to try something new on your next lunch break, you might just discover your new favorite dish. If you are a fan of our takeout options consider dining in after work with your colleagues and introducing them to authentic Greek cuisine. Contact us today to book a reservation. We hope to see you soon!

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