greek dishes

“If there is one thing you can’t find easily, it’s quality products from small producers. Yoleni’s provides just that and more – and I have all of it at my doorstep, in no time. Authentic Mediterranean tastes are literally just one click away. Perfect!”



“This place really does go above and beyond. Very special place with amazing food and service.  Wine is perfectly chilled ,food is hot and delicious . Highly recommend going here for a night you won’t forget”



“Best Greek food I have ever had in the states and I eat a lot of Greek food.  The lamb was fresh and had a wonderful flavor”



“Best Yogurt in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!
I have very strong feelings around yogurt as a person from Middle East. Yoleni’s carries the best yogurt I have ever tried in US.
– The food has always been great, whether it is a quick lunch or a sit down dinner for a birthday party, pre-pandemic.
– The owner is such a nice person. I once chatted with him a few minutes while I was there.
– They have the best saffron blend teas too.
– Their grocery items are also fantastic.”


yolenis sit down restuarant

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