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Summer Greek Flavors you need to try at Yoleni’s Providence

Like many Mediterranean countries, Greece’s signature flavors are reflective of what is in season at the time. While our menu remains mostly consistent throughout the year, many of our items seem to go well with the summer months. Light, fresh flavors that are bold and will not weigh you down as you continue your day or summer evening is what you will find at Yolenis. We wanted to highlight some of our most popular items during the summer months! 

Herb and Lemon Shaved Chicken Gryo

We could not write a summertime Greek flavors blog without mentioning a gyro. Arguably our most popular menu items, the Herb and Lemon Shaved Gyro is the perfect summertime handheld lunch or dinner time item. A generous infusion of Herb and lemon create a refreshing and tender chicken perfect for our gyro served in a homemade pita. Our tzatziki provides a cooling element along with red onion and mixed greens providing balance and additional crunch.

Truffle Flatbread

While pizzas are synonymous with our neighbors across the Ionian Sea, the Greeks are known to make flatbreads to rival anything Italians make.  Our truffle flatbread incorporates summer flavors, including our signature cheese blend, locally sourced mushrooms, and Greek truffle oil. It is then topped with ‘Rocket”, a peppery lettuce in the arugula family. This flatbread will fill you up without weighing you down.  Eat it yourself or split it with your group as an appetizer while you enjoy dining in or outside our outdoor eating area.

Shrimp “Saganaki”

Are you looking for something more filling or to serve as your appetizer while eating dinner with us? Saganaki is a dish served directly in the pan the dish is fried in. The recipe features a generous helping of feta cheese, tomato sauce, and herbs to compliment fresh, local shrimp. This dish is perfect for those looking for a savory seafood dish with bold Greek flavors. 

Vegan Burger with rosemary fries

Are you looking for a vegan option perfect for a warm summer night? Our vegan burger with beyond meat infused with Greek herbs and with our Greek exceptional vegan cheese will provide an unforgettable experience.  Served with crispy rosemary fries for a long-lasting pleasure.

Yoleni’s of Providence: Best Summertime Greek Restaurant in Providence, RI

Summer of 2020 is undoubtedly going to be different for not only restaurants but everyone. Yoleni’s is open for takeout and limited capacity seating inside.  In addition to these measures, our staff is fully masked and outfitted with all the resources to provide our customers with a safe environment. We invite you to join us or order takeout to experience the most authentic flavors Providence has to offer. 

If you have questions regarding our safety protocols, please do not hesitate to reach out via phone call. Explore our Day and Dinner menu to explore all the additional options we serve daily. In addition to lunch and dinner, Yolenis is open for breakfast, serving egg sandwiches, Greek yogurt, and coffee to go!

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