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Order a Greek Gift Basket from Yoleni’s Providence!

Gift baskets are a great present for friends, family, and coworkers during the holiday season! However, gift baskets can be given any time of year and should not just be given during the holidays. Gift baskets can be given for birthdays, mothers day, fathers day, or just to cheer a loved one up! Yoleni’s in Providence, Rhode Island offers an array of different gift baskets with a Greek twist! Here are some of Yoleni’s most popular gift baskets!

Greek Wooden Baskets 

Our Greek wooden baskets are filled with some delicious traditional Greek snacks and ingredients. Just some of the Greek goodies in these gift baskets include tomato and basil sauce, honey, kalamata olives, homemade orange jams along with a variety of teas, spices and more! As you can tell, these wooden baskets are packed with so many delicious snacks that can be shared with family and friends! Learn more about all the goodies in our Greek wooden baskets!

Luxury Gift Baskets

Our luxury gift baskets allow you to enjoy authentic Greek specialties right at home! Each of Yoleni’s luxury gift baskets is filled with delicious and smooth Greek extra virgin olive oil, strawberry, mint and pepper jam, rich chocolate, cherry and walnut pie, special honey, and so much more. Our luxury baskets are a great value based on all the authentic Greek goodies you will get! Learn more about all the snacks and ingredients our luxury baskets have to offer.

Honey Baskets

For those who have a sweet tooth, Yoleni’s offers baskets with many different types of honey. These baskets are filled with jars of honey that are infused with different flavors and sweetness levels. In Greek culture and cuisines, honey is often used as a natural sweetener and added to many desserts and other dishes. Yoleni’s wanted to bring a taste of authentic Greek honey to the States which is why our baskets have honey right from the Crete region of Greece. If you are interested in a honey basket for yourself or a loved one, visit our shop or website to order your basket today!

Order Your Greek Food Gift Baskets Today!

Come pick out your favorite gift basket in person at Yoleni’s marketplace in Providence, RI. If you don’t see the perfect gift basket, feel free to create your own with your favorite authentic Greek ingredients and snacks! You can also browse through and purchase all of our gift baskets online! Add a card or personal message in your gift basket for your loved one by contacting Yoleni’s!

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