Glasses and bottle of wine in Greece

Greek Wines You Need to Try

Greek food has been integrated into many different areas over the world for years, however, it wasn’t until just recently that other countries started exploring Greek wines. Although Greece isn’t known for its wine, it has become growing more and more popular to the rest of the world because of the quality, taste, and variety of impressive flavors. We are calling all wine lovers or just curious people to try these 6 different traditional Greek wines.


This wine from the Santorini area of Greece is one of the most well-known Greek wines. This is a very light, airy white wine. Assyrtiko is filled with flavors of lemon and passion fruit. At the end of each sip lingers a subtle bitterness that will have you wanting more!


This is also a light, fruity wine that comes from Northern Greece. This white wine captures a mix of delicious fruity flavors including orange, peach, lime, and lemon. This wine has many similarities to traditional Chardonnay.


This white wine is a great one for people with sweet tooths. This wine has a large array of summery flavors blended perfectly into a delicate sweeter wine. Savatiano is made with flavors including green apple, honeydew, and lime.


This is another wonderfully dry, white wine with a fruity aroma. This wine has tastes of peach and lemon but when it continues to age it starts to develop a rich apricot taste with hints of hazelnut and nectarine. This unique wine is unquestionably a must-try.


Moving onto reds for our red wine lovers out there. This traditional red from Nemea mirrors a Merlot with how fruity it is. This red is made with a blend of raspberries, plums, and black currant. However, the Greek’s make this wine stand out from Merlots by adding a spicy twist with bitter herbs.


This unusual red wine is not for everyone! From Mount Olympus, this wine is a spicy blend of bold flavors including raspberry, fennel, cherry, and tomato. This bizarre blend is loved by many sophisticated wine lovers.

Next time you are going to get a glass of wine out or are picking a bottle up from the store, don’t look past Greek wines. From sweet fruity to dark spicey to crisp dry blends, there is a white, red, or rose that everyone will enjoy! Visit our authentic Greek marketplace to pair your wine with some traditional Greek dishes.

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