Greek Restaurant & Marketplace in Providence, RI

Providence is not only the capital of Rhode Island and the most populous city in the state, but it is also home to the Greek restaurant Yoleni’s! Providence is known as one of the oldest cities in New England and has a rich history of great food places for visitors from near and far to visit. Yoleni’s made its way to Providence back in May of 2018 and offers authentic Greek cuisine in the form of a marketplace and restaurant.


Greek Marketplace in Providence, RI

The Yoleni’s Marketplace has over 800 artisanal Greek products for you to purchase including cold-cuts, cheese, fresh fruits, vegetables, and more. Our vision was to bring the authenticity of fresh Greek food that you will find at our store in Athens to the United States and show the world just how delicious Greek food is! Our store is open 7 days a week so you can come by any day and bring out the Greek in you.

Greek Restaurant in Providence, RI

Looking for something a little more formal in the Providence area? Sit down at our Greek cuisine restaurant and taste delicious sandwiches, seasonal soups, and fresh salad. We have both a lunch menu and dinner menu to accommodate customers who are looking for Greek food in the afternoon and the evening.  

Yoleni’s Services in Providence, RI

Located in downtown Providence, Yoleni’s offers more than just the ability to shop and eat. We are always looking for franchise opportunities with other business in the Providence area. We also have an event room for parties and special events.