Greek shop and marketplace

Greek Restaurant and Market Barrington, RI

Are you from Barrington, RI and looking for a new mouthwatering lunch or dinner spot? Then Yoleni’s is the place for you! Just 20 minutes away, enjoy some of the best authentic Greek cuisines in Providence, RI. After enjoying an authentic greek dinner at Yoleni’s, visit our marketplace to make these Greek dishes for yourself at home! 

Greek Marketplace Barrington, RI

Come bring some of Greece home with you by visiting our shop filled with an amazing variety of Greek ingredients and foods. Pasta, olive oils, honey, nuts, chocolate, spreads, yogurt and so much more! Check out some of our Greek must-try recipes and pick up the authentic ingredients at our diverse marketplace today!

Greek Restaurant Barrington, RI

Our little dine-in restaurant offers daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner specials in addition to our main menus. Enjoy a traditional Greek lunch with delicious gyros, flatbreads, sandwiches, soups, and more! For dinner, Yoleni’s offers some of the best starters, entrees, and salads that make our customers feel like they are dining in Greece. Enjoy your Greek dishes even more by pairing the food with a glass of Greek wine!

Other Services for Barrington, RI Residents

If you are from Barrington RI and are looking for a franchise opportunity with Yoleni’s we would be happy to hear from you! Please complete our online form. Yoleni’s also offers many other services to meet all of our Barrington residents’ wants and needs including hosting birthday parties, office parties, and other events at our space in Providence! Here is everything that Yoleni’s of Providence offers:

Yoleni’s in Barrington, RI

Come visit Yoleni’s located at 292 Westminster St. Providence, RI or order online to enjoy the best Greek food in the area!