Yoleni’s of Providence: Bristol, RI #1 Greek Restaurant & Marketplace

Are you from the town of Bristol, RI, and looking for an authentic Greek food experience? Maybe you work in the Bristol, RI area and need a great lunch/ dinner venue to impress customers and co-workers? Just down the Providence road, RI, is Yoleni’s of Providence, the area’s top Greek Restaurant & Marketplace. Please continue reading to learn more about our restaurant and Greek food shop!

Greek Marketplace for Bristol, RI Residents

Yoleni’s of Providence has a top-rated Greek marketplace that is open year-round. From Greek-made pastas to honey & nuts sourced from Greece, our marketplace has a wide variety of Greek products perfect for the foodie in your life.

Greek Restaurant Offering Bristol, RI Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Yoleni’s is known throughout Rhode Island for offering great food during all times during the day. Our Breakfast menu features American classics like bacon, egg & cheese sandwiches. We also offer Greek yogurt with nuts, honey & granola for those looking for a healthier alternative. Our lunch menu includes classics like Greek Gyros and Greek flatbreads.

Yoleni’s Dinner menu rivals all those in the area. Some customer favorites include Lamb Shank, Greek Bolognese, and a Mediterranean Burger.

Private Event Space in Providence, RI for Bristol, RI residents

Are you looking to host a private party in the city with an exceptional atmosphere & excellent authentic food? Yoleni’s of Providence, RI, is the perfect venue to host your event in the city. Before the event, we will coordinate the menu with you to ensure the food is on point with the guests you have in attendance.

Yoleni’s of Providence, RI: Authentic Greek Food for Bristol, RI Residents

If you live or work in Bristol, RI, and are coming through Providence, RI, be sure to stop by Yoleni’s of Providence to have an authentic Greek food experience. Whether you dine in with us or shop at our marketplace, you will be impressed with the high level of quality. Be sure to review the menu prior to coming or shop online!

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