Greek Flatbread

Favorite Greek Handheld Items Offered at Yoleni’s

Greek food is known for being comprised of locally sourced, fresh ingredients with bold flavors. Another staple of Greek food are the handheld gyros and kebabs that make for excellent lunchtime meals that can be eaten on the go. Here at Yoleni’s, we wanted to write a blog featuring our favorite handheld Greek food items on our menu!

Greek Gyros

Classic Lamb Gryo

There is a reason this menu item is listed as ‘Classic’ at Yoleni’s. Lamb is a Greek-food staple. The reason lamb is so popular with the Greek people is that Greece’s climate and topography is perfect for grazing sheep. Since the protein was so readily available for Greek people, it became the main component of many meals. The Greek people perfected seasoning & marinating lamb to create lean, delicious meat to fill their gyro.

Herb & Lemon Chicken Gyro

For those who are not of a fan of lamb or prefer white meat instead of red, our herb & lemon chicken gyro is the perfect alternative to enjoy all the Greek flavors.


Arachova Feta Cheese Pita

Arachova refers to a small town in southern Greece that produces some of the world’s best feta cheese. Our locally baked pita bread is then filled with decadent Arachova feta cheese. This is a simple, small handheld that will satisfy your Greek food craving!


Tomato & Cheese flatbread

Greek flatbreads resemble an Italian pizza but are not an actual pizza due to the type of bread used. Italian pizzas use dough that contains yeast. Greek flatbreads do not contain yeast, which is the major difference. Our tomato & Cheese flatbread are seasoned with traditional Greek seasonings and flavors. Our flatbreads can be shared as an appetizer or enjoyed alone as a course!

Mediterranean Flatbread

Our Mediterranean Flatbreads are an explosion of Greek flavors. Topped with tomato, feta, olives, onions, peppers, and oregano; this flatbread is symbolically a look at the cuisine of Greece. This flatbread can be made vegan as well with the removal of the feta cheese!


Mediterranean Burger

As a Greek restaurant based in America, we felt it appropriate to create a burger to offer customers but with a Greek twist. Our burger is topped with tabouli, our special sauce, mixed greens, & swiss cheese.

Yolenis of Providence: Rhode Island’s Top Greek Restaurant

If you are looking for authentic Greek flavors in the greater Providence area, stop by Yoleni’s today! We are open for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and have a bar where you can enjoy signature cocktails and appetizers.

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