Authentic Greek Marketplace & Restaurant Cumberland, RI

Yoleni’s Providence provides delicious Greek cuisine, ingredients, and more for people throughout the Providence area. Whether you want to eat a delicious gyro for lunch, host a dinner event at our restaurant, or have authentic and delicious ingredients shipped to you, we have you covered. For Cumberland residents you can visit our Greek Marketplace today or have things shipped directly to you!

Greek Restaurant Near Cumberland, RI

Looking to enjoy some delicious Greek food? Whether you need a new lunch spot while working in Providence, or you are looking for a great restaurant to go to with your friends and family, we would love to see you at our location in Providence. We have breakfast, lunch & dinner menus that feature delicious and authentic Greek cuisine. If you would like to reserve a table for you and your family, please use the button below. We also offer takeout and delivery options as well and you can order directly online so that your food is ready when you get in. 

Host Private Events With Delicious Greek Food in Providence, Rhode Island

Planning an event? Whether you are setting up a corporate lunch, holiday party, or a different event, our restaurant is the perfect place to host. Located right in the heart of Providence we are the perfect place to host an event. If you have any questions about hosting your event please contact us and we can discuss hosting your event at our location or providing catering.

Shop For Authentic Greek Ingredients

If you are looking for some delicious food options for your home, there’s nothing like getting authentic, freshly made, Greek ingredients. Customers can get Greek ingredients from Yoleni’s in two ways: either they can come to our marketplace in Providence and browse our shelves or they can shop online. If you are looking for real Greek ingredients or foods that you can enjoy at home, we can help!