Greek Baklava

5 Must-Try Traditional Greek Desserts

Learn more about these traditional Greek desserts that will have you and your family eating dessert before dinner every night! Come on down to Yoleni’s Greek marketplace in Providence, RI to pick up all the ingredients you need to make all of these mouthwatering desserts.


This is one of the most famous Greek desserts! Baklava is a delicious dessert consisting of nuts and honey syrup! The phyllo sheets are cooked until they are crispy and flaky. Between each crispy and buttery phyllo sheet is a mixture of honey syrup, cinnamon and walnuts to create an amazing end to every meal.

Yogurt Cake (Yiaourtopita) 

This traditional Greek recipe is like a typical cake but with a bit of a twist! While making this dish, the milk in the recipe is substituted with yogurt. You may ask why would anyone do that? Well it is because it makes the cake so much more moist and soft. This traditional cake of Greece also has hints of orange and citrus infused in it. Many often serve this dish with a side of yogurt, ice cream or fresh fruits.


This tasty traditional Greek dessert slightly resembles donut holes but is so much better. First, bite sized dough is fried to perfection, then they are dipped into honey syrup and cinnamon. Many people also add chopped up walnuts as well if desired. 


Bougatsa is a creamier dessert from the rest. Bougatsa is made by wrapping creamy Greek custard with buttery, crispy phyllo sheet. This yummy dessert is then topped with melted butter, icing and cinnamon. The best thing about Bougatsa is that it can be sweet or savory!


This is a traditional honey cookie that is often present around Christmas time. Much like some of the other Greek dessert recipes these cookies are topped with honey syrup and walnuts (if desired). The cookie itself is different from a regular cookie. These have more of a cake-like consistency.

To get the full recipes of all of these and more delicious traditional Greek desserts, visit our website!

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