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5 Dishes of an Authentic Greek Christmas Dinner

Greek culture is rooted in rich and ancient practices. These practices include a wide range of culinary skills and the preparation of mouth-watering delicacies. Like many other primary ancient cultures, the Greeks also have several cuisines that are special and dedicated to the famous yearly Christmas dinner. The best part is that these meals are rich and colorful. They undoubtedly add to the unique atmosphere typical of any Christmas dinner. Changing from the ordinary and predictable Christmas dishes might be what you need to etch this year’s Christmas in the books of memory forever. 

This article shares some simple and exciting options to explore from the comprehensive list of authentic Mediterranean dishes for Christmas dinner. Here are the top options for you: 

  • Avgolemono

You can start with the rich Avgolemono soup. This meal combines chicken and rice soup with lemon as the base flavor. The addition of eggs makes it creamy and lovely. You can decide to add carrots to give your dish more color. It is an excellent option to start the holidays with a large family Christmas dinner. 

Average Prep Time: 100 Minutes

  • Moschari Lemonato

Pork remains an ancient part of Greek culture during the Christmas holidays. The good part is that there are different ways to enjoy your pork during this time. However, the most popular pork dish is the Moschari Lemonato. The ideal way is to brine overnight and then roast with garlic flavor. If you want to go full Greek, serve it with Lemon Gravy. Another cuisine to check out is the Pork Loin with Petimezi. 

Total Prep Time: 90 Minutes.

  • Leg of Lamb or Roasted Lamb

When you have an oregano and rosemary flavored lamb that spends more than 5 hours in the oven, you genuinely have a Greek recipe for Christmas. The standard part is usually the leg, hence the Leg of Lamb. The lamb was on low heat for that period to ensure proper flavor absorption. You can also serve this meal with roasted potatoes. The combination explodes on your taste buds. 

Total Prep Time: 5 Hours 30 Minutes

  • Spanakopita

The spanakopita is homemade Greek pie for everyone. There is no better way to celebrate an ancient Christmas tradition than with crusty Greek pie with homemade phyllo flavor. You can expect to enjoy the pie with a crunch and crispiness. Some additional ingredient for the recipe includes salt, spinach, feta, and onions. 

Total Prep Time: 70 Minutes. 

  • Kalitsounia

Snacks can help keep the atmosphere lively when waiting for the main meal. This part is where Kalitsounia comes into place. It is a traditional dish of pastries stuffed with ricotta cheese or mizithra. This option can either be an appetizer to keep the throat warm for the main meal or a dessert. But it’s worth mentioning. 

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