10 Easy Greek Recipes Anyone Can Make

Cooking is one of the most creative and fun activities. Not a well-versed cook? No problem! The flavorful Greek recipes made of fresh ingredients are the best way to set on a much exciting cooking path. What’s more, you can easily tickle the taste buds of your guests and family members by surprising them with some of these super-easy Greek recipes!

10 Easy Greek Recipes


1.      Greek Salad

Looking to master the lunch classics? Greek Salad with red vinegar and a bounty of oregano strands is one of the best Greek classics in history.

2.      Stuffed Peppers

Greek cuisine features a wide range of filled vegetables. However, have you ever tried Red and Spicy beef-stuffed Peppers? Well, they make an outstanding appetizer!

3.      Pasteli

Pasteli is an ancient version of modern power bars. These are honey candy snacks coated with sesame seeds. Try it and see it becomes your favorite snack of the day.

4.      Greek Baklava

Greek Baklava is a much favored baked dish. It usually contains more than a pound of walnut and a creamy yet hardened layer of butter that melts in your mouth.

5.      Cheesecake

Do you want something sweet? Well, the rich and creamy Greek Cheesecake can sure treat your taste buds. Greek cheesecake also contains yogurt with a crunchy base of biscuits and a marvelous topping of strawberry jam.

6.      Spinach Pie (Spanakopita)

With ready-made phyllo dough, Spinach Pies feature a unique taste in their feta-spinach blend. Spinach pies serve as light main course dishes, and you will surely love the flavors.

7.      Chicken Moussaka

Something similar to lasagna? The Greek got it! Baked Chicken Mousakka has an eggplant base with tomatoes. Following it is ground beef or the healthy lamb chops to which you can add the delicious béchamel sauce.

8.      Fava

Greek Fava is pea puree that has carrots, onions, broth, and potatoes to add a flavorful mix. What’s more, you can even add a topping of your choice to spice up the taste.

9.      Tiganites (Pancakes)

Some believe that Tiganites were the first-ever pancake. Well, tiganites are fluffy and can easily replace the good-old pancake you eat in the morning. Tiganites take in a sprinkle of walnuts with smooth honey.

10.  Youvetsi (Beef Stew)

It’s a budget-friendly and family-sized dish that serves lamb and/ or beef. With water, tomatoes, orzo, and meat, this dish can serve an army! Let the meat stew and simmer at a gentle heat, and let the leeks add rich flavor for an amazing Greek cuisine experience.


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