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Yoleni’s Providence was launched in May of 2018 in downtown Providence, Rhode Island. Following in the footsteps of its flagship store located in Athens, Greece, Yoleni's strives to bring you the best authentic Greek food that money can buy. From our authentic Greek yogurt and handmade pita to our delicious salads and sandwiches, Yoleni’s is the go-to place in Providence for authentic Greek cuisine. Sit down at our “Topos” restaurant or explore our Greek market with over 800 different artisanal products; the choice is yours!
With over 800 different Greek products to choose from, you can bring tons of different authentic Greek cuisine items home to cook. our selection includes cold cuts and cheese, nutrient-rich nuts & dried fruits, fresh vegetables and more!
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Lunch Menu
Enjoy our day menu full of Greek flavors. Order homemade pita and fresh salads or take a bite into one of our mouthwatering sandwiches. Don't forget to ask about our Meal of the Day!
Dinner Menu
Sample gourmet creations at our Topos restaurant by chefs who truly honor tradition. Dive into one of our spreads with dip, order an appetizer or enjoy one of our main Greek dishes. If you are looking to do all three, check out or week menu and order all of the above for one special price!
Contact us to see how our beautiful space and delicious Greek platters can take your event to the next level!
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Gift baskets are a great gift idea for friends, family, and coworkers! Gift baskets are a great present to give any time of year and especially during the holidays. Gift baskets can be given for birthdays, mothers day, fathers day, or just to cheer a loved one up! We, at Yoleni's offer an wide array of gift baskets with a Greek twist! Look through the gift baskets we have and order one today!
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