Welcome to Yoleni's

The first Yoleni’s physical store in the US was launched in May 2018 in Providence, Rhode Island, in a 1895 landmark building, following Yoleni’s Flagship store model, in downtown Athens, Greece! The store offers visitors a complete experience of the authentic Greek gastronomy. Enjoy a handmade pita, authentic Greek yogurt, mouthwatering sandwiches, hearty salads, fresh juice, selected Greek wines and more than 20 traditional Greek recipes in Yoleni’s “Topos” restaurant! Before you go, don’t forget to explore more than 800 artisanal Greek products in the deli shop. 

Today at Yoleni's

Channel 10

Yoleni’s was given the chance to welcome Channel 10 for a tour of the store and a discussion regarding the goals and visions of our effort. https://turnto10.com/studio10/cooking/yolenis-a-greek-eataly

Upcoming Event


Join the fun!  No cover charge.  Great food, wine, drinks and deserts in the sounds of Mibbit and company. Every Tuesday!

The Market

Choose among 800 Greek products from selected small local producers, authentic cold-cuts and cheeses, top quality nuts & dried fruit, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables in our traditional Greek grocery store!

Day Menu

Explore Greek flavors, such as our well-known handmade, Greek pita, fresh salads, seasonal soups, delicious sandwiches, aromatic coffee and fresh juices. Last but definitely not least our celebrated authentic Greek yogurt!

Dinner Menu

Topos means ‘place’, a place abounding in meanings: meanings, which human labor and creativity have engraved in time making history and generating values. Topos means people profoundly knowledgeable and passionate about what they do. At Topos, you’ll sample gourmet creations originating in time-honored localities and crafted by people who, devoted to cooking, honor tradition.

Online Marketplace

Explore the hundreds of Yolenis authentic Greek products available in our online marketplace